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Audit Committee - Shall be responsible for auditing the records of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary before the September meeting. Records shall be audited after each election prior to the start of the new administration but no later than June 15.

Budget Committee - Shall prepare and present a preliminary annual budget to the Executive Committee and the Association in January. The final budget shall be voted on in April. The final budget shall be adopted at the September meeting.

Constitution and Bylaws - Shall study all proposed bylaws, amendments, and resolutions received from members, Standing Committees and the Executive Committee. All amendments and resolutions must be presented to the Association in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to a regular meeting at which voting will take place.

Membership Committee - Shall foster ways and means to increase the membership of the Association and develop strategies for recruiting and maintaining members.

Nominating Committee - Shall prepare a ballot consisting of the names of the individuals and include spaces for the write-in candidates nominated from the floor. The election shall take place by secret ballot with only active financial member participating.

Program/Alumni Activities Committee - Shall develop programs based upon the emphasis determined by the Association. This committee will develop activities (annual scholarship banquets/dances, golf tournaments and other functions) to benefit the Association.

Scholarship/Student Relations Committee - Shall set guidelines for awarding scholarships from the MCNAA Scholarship Fund to deserving students who are enrolled full-time and attend Morris College. Committee members shall be actively involved in the recruitment plans of students to attend the College. Additionally, committee members shall visit schools on Career Day and provide Morris College literature to students.

Community Service Committee - Shall organize, coordinate and implement community programs and other activities that will enhance the community.

Courtesy Committee - Shall be responsible for providing appropriate expressions of concern or sympathy in the event of death, illness, injury or incapacitation of members or member’s parents/legal guardian, spouse and/or children. The cost of the condolence shall not exceed $75.00 plus tax and telegraph charges.

Awards Committee - Shall be responsible for securing and reviewing names of potential recipients of the various awards and honors to be conferred by the Association. The committee shall be chaired by a Past- President of the Association. The Awards Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Council concerning all awards and honors to be conferred by action of the Executive Committee. Members of the Awards Committee shall not be eligible for awards or honors conferred by the Association during their term of service on the committee.

Fundraising Committee - Shall work in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Affairs in planning and conducting fundraising efforts for the benefit of the Association and the College.


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